Hi, I'm Noah Weidner!I lead the U.S. editorial team at Stocktwits.

For the last year, I've helped write and edit nearly every word of editorial content at Stocktwits. That includes The Daily Rip, the company's daily newsletter (1.2 million readers.) I'm also the lead writer on The Litepaper, the company's new crypto newsletter which I helped launch as a new initiative in late 2021.Before I joined Stocktwits, I tag-teamed editorial and biz dev at Bullish Studio and helped lead content initiatives and craft the product in the early days of Front Finance.I found my way into the world of fintech in earnest by documenting Robinhood user holding data for Robintrack.net in my newsletter, Business As Usual. In 2022, my work was featured in The Wall Street Journal and a book about January 2020 market volatility for my avid spreadsheeting (and meticulous stalking of Robinhood.)I grew up with one foot in the world of traditional finance — stocks, bonds, ETFs, venture, private equity, blah blah blah — and decentralized finance/crypto. That breadth of knowledge has allowed me to freelance in both web2 and web3 land for brands and protocols such as Marinade, Alpaca Markets, Twali, and Late Checkout.Before I wrote about value (and what people deem valuable), I worked in the music industry. It definitely had its moments.During my time in the biz, I managed independent artists and creators, started a music tech startup called wave.ac, and helped start one of the top lo-fi and digital-only labels in the world at Chill Beats. After all that, I was briefly interned at one of the largest esports companies in the world, Gen.G, where I was a partnerships/BD/activations intern.Nowadays, my only attachment to music is my work as a songwriter and artist and as an A&R and BD guy at at music.ceo. You can see what I'm listening to now by peeping my music page.I spend most of my time tinkering in DeFi, something I've lucky to be involved in since it started in 2017. I've also been spending time learning about specialty coffee and brewing with a mid-range espresso machine, watering my healthy dose of curiosity by consuming lots of information, and working on new music.I'm currently working remote from St. Louis, MO.

Noah Weidner // Music

People are often surprised to know that before I went into the world of fintech/crypto full-time, I worked in the music industry.They should not be. The music industry, in many ways, shares a lot of the fundamentals of the investing business. Except, instead of investing in companies and ideas, you invest in artists and their sound.I spent five years building a strong foundation in indie music, especially electronic and pop music circles. I learned the finer points of publishing, distribution, label and artist management, DSPs and modern streaming platforms, and music as an investment medium.I got my start in music when I was 14, scoring a gig as a blog writer for two Chicago-based music blogs. It was one of my first outlets to share as a writer.Before then, my only outlet to share were communities like plug.dj/turntable.fm (I even became a site mod on plug.dj). Being in those circles introduced me to lots of artists though -- and so at 16, I started cranking away at ways to help build up my talented friends. I managed my friends Astrale and MEJKO from virtually no plays to multi-million play counts.I took some of my learned lessons as an independent artist manager, songwriter, and music industry DIYer to start a music tech business called wave.ac with my colleague Kian Moretz. We spent just $300 and organically grew a digital community using Discord alongside our platform, far before the days of web3 and the rise of chronic "community" overuse disorder.When we, two high school students, decided to close the platform and go in a different direction, we partnered with an up-and-coming streaming service called Audius to help give our users a new home. We were among of the first 1,000 people to use it, build its community, and provide two cents and feedback on it. Today, it's the world's biggest dapp.In the aftermath of my formidable founder experience, I found myself at the helm of a new music venture. I was hire #1 at Chill Beats, which has become one of the top lo-fi and digital-only labels in the world.Nowadays, my only attachment to music is more limited. I help artists find money that they didn't know existed as an A&R and BD guy at music.ceo. I also get to write music with/for my friends as a songwriter and artist, which has thankfully been fruitful. I've accumulated north of a million streams writing music LTD.I plan to add some more details to this page regarding my music and work, so check back sometime in the next few weeks if you'd like to get more acquainted on those two bits and pieces.

Noah Weidner // Portfolio

This page is a work-in-progress, but I've created it as a shortlist for works that I count among my favorites (or that adequately demonstrate my wide breadth of knowledge, attention to detail, and particularity about brevity and conclusions). The title of the article, and a link to the work, is attached along with the client and date of publication.

Selected Works

Robinhood's Most Popular Stocks in 2021

Independent content, Jan. 3, 2022. Featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Trouble in Terra Town

News for Stocktwits's The Litepaper, May 9, 2022.

NFTs: Four Years On and Two Cents on the Space

Editorial content for Front Finance, Feb. 17, 2022.

Going "Bankless" With OnJuno, A Digital Bank for Crypto

Features content for Stocktwits's The Litepaper, Feb. 25, 2022.

The Litepaper: May 2, 2022

News for Stocktwits's The Litepaper, May 2, 2022.

The Only Investing Guide You'll Ever Need (Bullish 101)

Brand content for Bullish Studio, Mar. 2021

Ethereum TVL Dominance Hits All-Time Low

News for Stocktwits's The Litepaper, Mar. 25, 2022.

Discovering Over-Collateralized Lending with QiDao

News for Stocktwits's The Litepaper, Feb. 17, 2022.

Ongoing Projects & Works

The Litepaper

A Newsletter for Stocktwits, Nov. 2021 to Present.

The Daily Rip

A Newsletter for Stocktwits, Nov. 2021 to Present.