Hi, I'm Noah Weidner!

I lead the U.S. editorial team at Stocktwits.

Before joining the Stocktwits team, I tag-teamed editorial and biz dev at Bullish Studio and helped start one of the biggest lo-fi labels in the world as hire #1 at Chill Beats.

I've also done some cool work as an editorial, marketing, and sales guy at Wall Street Confessions and Front Finance. I also wrote a short-lived, quaint data-centric newsletter for the folks at Alpaca Markets.

I famously documented Robinhood user holding data for Robintrack.net in my newsletter, Business As Usual. In 2022, I was featured in The Wall Street Journal and a book about January 2020 market volatility for my avid spreadsheeting (and meticulous stalking of Robinhood.)

In my free time, I demystify the unnecessarily complicated world of music publishing as the Lead A&R at music.ceo. (I also happen to be the CEO of Finance, Gaming, and Money.)

I also tinker in the wild west of DeFi, play video games, make espresso, and love connecting with people in the startup ecosystem.

I'm currently working remote from St. Louis, MO.

© Noah Weidner // therearenooriginalideas